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On average, it takes someone six months to a year to find a church community and a home away from home. For me, it took 3 years to find a place I could belong to when I moved from Philadelphia to Washington, DC.

Google experiences 30,000 church-related inquiries every month, so we built YouBelong to connect individuals to local church communities by way of common interests and events, because no one should do life alone.

Research indicates that if a person does not form friendships, they will last less than 3 months before leaving the church. Life happens in the context of relationships and it’s the glue of the local church

  • There are an average of 2,000 churches per city in the United States.

About YouBelong

Belong Before You Believe

Some find belonging in a church, some with friends, some with family, and some on social media. YouBelong is dedicated to

  • Helping churches fulfill their mission by providing resources for building a strong congregation.
  • Helping individuals in finding a local church in their community through common interests and events in their city.
  • YouBelong currently has an interest database of 50 churches and growing in the Washington, DC and Philadelphia areas.

Belonging Process

YouBelong is a web-based platform that connects individuals to local church communities. It's like online dating, except online “churching”.

“Belong Before You Believe”
is a core value to us and is what makes our team and services so unique. All of our features are designed to help you find belonging with others. We know technology can’t solve all the issues in searching for a like-minded community, but it can be used as a tool to move us closer in that direction.


Sometimes the best communities are the hardest to find. So we created YouBelong to allow you to match with both individuals and groups.


When done right, the principle of reciprocity is a powerful tool. It can facilitate stronger, deeper, and longer lasting relationships with new communites and people.

Unlimited Possiblities

With our algorithms, we are able to find people and communities near you, and create a mechanism for you to chat with one another.

Featured Community: Citizen Heights Church


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Alyssa Vasquez has a passion to see people realize their dreams, reach their full potential and fulfill their heaven-ordained mandate. I am convinced that the level of success experienced in life, is in direct proportion to the level of strategic leadership investment. Alyssa has been instrumental in our church, in the formation of culture and strong kingdom values. She will be an incredible blessing for you in your next season whether it’s to maximize impact, navigate transition or set a framework for health. Let’s face it, outside support and strategic help is no longer an optional extra. I strongly recommend her as an "architect of culture and success" for you and your church/organization.”

Michael Giroux

Lead Pastor of Citizen Heights Church

When someone finds complete acceptance right where they are in life, and they find that in the context of community and relationship in the church, it will change them. Alyssa Vasquez is one that had her life changed in this way and has dedicated herself to make sure that those who are searching for real community will find it. Several years ago, Alyssa told me about this idea she came up with to "connect people to community in churches", there was such a purity in the excitement she had knowing that she could help people searching for community to find a place to belong. Alyssa's heart and passion for people and the church is beautiful, it's a heart that says, You are Loved, You Matter, and You Belong.

Cara Dyson

Co-Pastor of Convo Church


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Sometimes a picture says more than a thousand words. Although seeing how YouBelong works is a good idea too.

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YouBelong is a web-based platform that connects individuals to local church communities.